Sometimes it's better to don't do it


Good evening babes!
Last three days were simply mess. I have a feeling that my brain simply got tired and I felt so lazy, so I didn’t do anything (yep, at least workout done!) and sticked to comfortable food. Gosh, I felt and I still do, so weird. And let’s face it – so fat :D. It was still sugar free though but definitely not carb free and definitely high fat. Now I am just asking myself: “Was it really worth it?”. Definitely no. Was it tasty? Definitely YES! :D. But today after I woke up feeling so hangover (I didn’t drink or anything) I was just like “Okay, let’s stop this sh*it! I had enough of overeating and not seeing the right results, enough of not doing things on my usual hundred and ten percent. So if you are in the same position, don’t wait until Monday, or start of the new month, but just jump into the new challenge now. Because there will never be the right time and every day counts. Simple.

I had also my induction at school and am so excited. I met our course leader, the rest of my team I am in class with, got schedule and everything. They said it will be hard upcoming six weeks for us, full of new informations and knowledge. But I heard in it just feeling of new challenges and tasks I cannot wait for. Now I am going back in my memories, to primary school, to my high school, thinking about all the good times and how much I loved that.. Well apart from the primary school but let’s hope nobody will hate for being so active :D.

As it’s going to be pay day soon (who else is so excited) I’ve done also a wish list for this month – there is a budget and blow out version of it :D. I’d love to buy the Celine sunglasses which became so popular last year – you know, the flat frames? Then another pair from Chiquelle – try their website, they have amazing clothes. Also high waisted jeans – I’ll probably go for them to River Island as they are THE ONLY ONES which don’t stretch out – does it also drive you crazy, when the jeans are just loosing its shape? Also some nice bodysuit, fishnet tights, white trainers and leather leggings – piece which I was wearing all the time and now I really miss it. I will buy the leather look leggings in Calzedonia – I can tell you they have the best!
I also want to get some fabrics and maybe some trendy piece for spring, I”ll see today as we are going to the city with Daniil. Cannot wait for our day together:)

Guys, enjoy your weekend and for those of you who are working – do your best and work hard:D
xxx Lucie

PS: A little sneak peak into the outfit we’ve done this weekend!


February 26, 2017

Spotted this week

spotted this week-2spotted this week8-2 spotted this week 4 spotted this week7 spotted this week 6 spotted this week spotted this week-3

So last weekend Gabi came over and we had that amazing girly weekend. We had so much fun, I am so grateful for friend like her!
Obviously, the first day we went to Oxford street do so some necessary shopping, visit Primark (yes, I am using expression “visit” together with Primark. Honestly, who spend in that zoo less than 2 hrs!:D ) and just walk around.

I found just by accident this lovely store called “& other stories“. And fell in love!
Do you know this brand? Basically it is under the H&M group, with designs from Stockholm and Paris (honestly, lately French fashion got me so much! And Swedish bloggers.. well you know those famous bloggers from Stockholm!). This dangerous combination of French chic originality and Swedish style cannot make anything wrong.  The store I went in is on Oxford street, but they have more stores around London, just check their website.

Honestly, those from you, who are constantly on Instagram (like me) searching for outfit inspiration and seeing all these pretty trendy stuff, will love this store! It is exactly the thing I was looking for for ages. I don’t know where to start – they have exactly the trendy pieces for very affordable prices, the material quality is… I would say comparable to some high end brands and the colours are beautiful. Everything at & other stories starting by underwear ending up by accessories and cosmetic products. I was especially targeting on few pieces on my wish list – high waisted trousers and some tops.
I definitely recommend to visit the store as you might regret ordering online – at least you can really see the amazing quality plus I think at the store they have way more things. I must say even I regret I ordered bunch of stuff online! Hm, at least I didn’t have money left to go crazy at the store:) Check their knitwear and denim collection for sure. They are also on spot with the khaki colour which is so trendy now! Worth mentioning is also the cosmetic section where I found lots of body lotions smelling like sweets and most amazing body scrubs.
Once I will receive my stuff you can be sure to see it here on blog in outfits!

Have a fab evening guys and happy shopping :P

February 10, 2017

Good karma

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I’ve got the feeling that as last weeks we had quite bad karma, now the cards has changed and lately everything is going well. We found an amazing place to live and I literally cannot wait to be there. Honestly, I am the type of person who is already browsing Ikea’s website, Gumtree’s second hand furniture and Pound lands for cheap food storage. And moving will be in three weeks!

To be honest, lately I concentrate more on gym, workouts, eating clean than my blog. Maybe it is just my way how to run away from the small struggles and the fear of career future, my blog future etc. Because I work like this: I need to see results in short time period, I am not that passionate to wait few months or so. So you probably understand it is easier to target my time to gym and kitchen:) But I  work on the fashion part as well, I promise (to myself mainly).

Last weekend we spent in amazing company of my best friend Gabi and her boyfriend Daniel. It was such an amazing time and I just found again how lucky I am to have somebody like Gabi. It is not about seeing each other every day, it is about the friendship and the connection we got together – I’ve known her for more then 10 years and we went through everything together.

By the way, as I am not big fan of New year’s resolutions, I just simply do stuff which I want to do and in the end of the year I just want to look back and say to myself: “Wow, what an amazing year, what everything I’ve done, where we travelled, etc!”
I think this way I will feel better and not like I wasted my year and just waiting for the new one to start with something. Because the thing is, that for the right moment, there is no specific date or time, the only thing which matters is right now I think!

October 15, 2016

Weekend in Enschede

long weekend homemade burgers new haircut

Krásné Úterní ráno všem!

Tak jsem víkend strávila v Enschede, jak jsem psala minulém příspěvku. Měli jsme tuny úžasného jídla, hodně čokoládového dortu a více než dost kvalitního spánku. Prostě jsme se strašně rozmazlovali a lenošili a užívali si to:)
Teď nám s Daniilem začne ta rušnější část roku protože oba milujeme cestování a počasí v Londýně je na prd. Takže to bude v Dubnu to překvapení, v Květnu Holandsko a Česko, v Červenci potom Španělsko a plážový festival no a v Srpnu odjíždíme do Ameriky:)) Jediná trochu otravná věc na cestování je to létaní. Já to milovala ale teď se všemi těmi událostmi kolem a nepříjemnými turbulencemi se spíš bojím. Jak to máte Vy?

Já jsem už dnes zas v normálním režimu takže ráno posilovna, práce, večer navařit a naklidit a pak film s Daniilem:)
Jinak posilovna je super, začínám vidět výsledky a cítím se skvěle!:)

PS: Sdílím jen pár obrázků s novým účesem, burgery které jsme si s kluky dělali a také mým cestovním outfitem:)

Happy Tuesday to all of you:)

I spent this weekend in Enschede as I mentioned in a post I posted ages ago – I just needed some relax:)
So we had tons of good food, amazing chocolate cake and lots of sleep and company of good friends:) It was so nice! Now, we are going to have more traveling with Daniil as the weather is nicer and we love traveling. Just one annoying thing is the flying – I used to love that but with all those accidents around and turbulences it is so uncomfortable! Yesterday we even didn’t sit next to each other so I had to be brave on my own. Next time I’ll just get tipsy to don’t be scared:D

Anyways, today back to normal days, morning gym, then work, at the evening some cooking and cleaning and movie night with Daniil:)

PS: Sharing just couple of pictures of my new haircut, burgers which we made with guys and my very comfy travel outfit:)

March 29, 2016
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Hello weekend

Hello weekend outfitHello weekend outfitHello weekend outfitHello weekend outfit

Paradoxně tričko s nápisem ”hello weekend” jsem na sobě měla v Pondělí :).
Jsem nastydlá. Mám kašel že nemůžu dejchat a rýmu takovou, že netuším kde se tolik tekutin proboha bere!!
Kromě těchto smrtelných chorob řeším také světové problémy jako cukroví, co na sebe o víkendu, a jestli mi zbydou peníze na nový štětec na pudr. Také máte takovéhle problémy?:) Asi si říkáte, jak jsem pitomá, že řeším tohle. Ale ono to vlastně ani není stěžování, jen takové ty každodenní drobnosti, co Vás příjemně zaměstnávají, o kterých si máte s kamarádkou povídat u kafe. Nebo jimi provrtávat díru do hlavy svému drahému klukovi jako já:)

Ale zpět k mému hello weekend outiftu. Tričko jsem asi za pět liber pořídila v Primarku, zas. Miluji ten asymetrický střih! Kalhoty H&M jsou super skinny džíny a mám je strašně ráda, i přes tu vlastnost se za pár minut vytahat. Tenisky jsou Replay a nedoporučovala bych je, nejsou moc pohodlné. A svetr, můj milovaný kousek z Manga, takový ten převeliký vytahaný svetr, v barvě, která se hodí ke všemu!

A jaké jsou Vaše velké malé starosti? Já jen doufám, že jste všichni šťastní, že si nic moc neberete, že se neřešíte a užíváte života. A těšíte se z Vánoc, které jsou za dvěřmi, jupíííí!!!

Paradoxically, I wore a ”hello weekend” t-shirt on Monday :).
I got cold. I have cough so big I can’t breath and cold so bad that I can’t believe how much liquid is inside of me! Apart from my deathly diseases I am also trying to solve problems like Christmas recipes for sweets, outfits for weekend, etc. Do you also have similar problems?:) You might think I am stupid. But it is not complaining at all, it is just the everyday part of your day, when you have to deal with those small things about which you can talk to your friends, or, as I do, dig a hole into your boyfriend’s head:).

Back to my outfit! I bought this t-shirt in Primark, obviously. I love that asymmetrical cutting and the old fashion pinky color. Skinny jeans are from H&M and the shoes by Replay. Not highly recommended as it is not really comfortable. And the jumper, my lovely piece! I purchased in Mango, like three years ago and it is amazing. It is oversized the right way, it looks so nice with almost every color. And it is warm:)

And what about your big small problems?:) I just really hope, that all of you are happy, that you don’t take life way to serious and are enjoying that the right way, doing what you love:) And also, are exciting about upcoming Christmas, yay!!!!

December 04, 2015
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