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The ultimate guide for your Bahamas trip: Part 1

Bahamas and its amazing beaches

Swimming with the sharks, feeding sting rays and enjoying crystal clear water.
Those were the main reasons why me and Daniil wanted to go to Bahamas, for many people destination seen as honeymoon treat.
Bahamas are a group of about 700 islands so planning of your trip is the key.We decided to visit three following islands: Nassau, Staniel Cay and Great Exuma.

Day 1 and 2: Nassau
Whether you travel with your partner, family or friends and are looking for island with plenty of shops, resorts and things to do, Nassau is perfect for you. There is well known hotel Atlantis with its water park and its slide going through water full of sharks. You can take a walk in the city centre and visit galleries or museums, for rum lovers there is a John Watling’s distillery and of course you should at least try Bahamian typical sweet: rum cake. I really didn’t find out how they do it but imagine nice sponge cake, just.. marinated / completely soaked in rum, followed by the sweetest taste you can dream about. By the way, by this time I have decided to break my sugar free rule and tried the cake. It made me so full I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.
(Ps: If you are food lover as I am, keep reading, there will be more.)
At Nassau, the most beautiful beach was Cabbage beach and Cable beach. I would recommend Cabbage beach even though it is a bit further (ehm, if you are not staying at Atlantis). It was definitely worth it!

Day 3, 4 and 5: Staniel Cay
I was really excited to move a bit further from Nassau as Staniel Cay and Exumas are much less commercial and busy.
Staniel Cay can seem like not really exciting place to go but the opposite is the truth. It is actually really good strategical spot where to stay – from there you can either rent a boat as we did, or just join many of locally offered tours around. And this is what you came for: feeding pigs and Iguanas or swim with sharks.
For getting around it is amazing to rent a golf car – we totally fell in love with this way of transport! We went to do our groceries, to the Yacht club for dinner or just simply getting around. Talking about getting your food: I think that the island’s motto should be sarcastic “Well, welcome to Bahamas” as this is response from many people answering your surprised face when questioning about opening hours of local grocery shop. It can get really irregular and depends on God knows what when the stores are open – especially out of the touristic season.
At Staniel Cay you should go to the Yacht club where local fishermen come everyday with their catch of the day. You can watch them clean the fish and feed the sharks there. You can also enjoy the view on many beautiful yachts parked there: We were lucky to see amazing yacht called Usher (honestly, I thought it’s his. If I had yacht this, it would be definitely called “Lucie” or “It is mine.).

Day 6, 7 and 8: Great Exuma
Apart from the other beautiful beaches there, you should definitely go to Chat N’ Chill caffe: Seeing the sting rays and be able to feed them was something I will never ever forget. I was sitting in the white sand on the shallow part of the ocean and they just came around, so beautiful and calm. I have to say, I did have some respect! They are still wild animals and you should be careful when being around them. But definitely, don’t be scared and try to feed them. The feeling is crazy.
On the opposite side from Chat N’ Chill cafe, there is a beach, the ocean side. It has got amazing view and a bit wilder water. Plus, it is a bit tricky there. You have to go there in the morning when the water is lower, because you have to cross a little part where water is and has got a bit current. And the water gets higher. On the pictures you can see what we had to do because the water went up :).
Another beautiful beach you can find in the Bahamas is the one at Tropic of Cancer.Located at 23 26N 75 35W, the beach is named after the meridian line that defines the northern extent of the tropics and crosses right through it. (Okay, I copied this sentence somewhere from Google!). But the beach was probably the most beautiful place I have ever been.

On our last day we went back to Nassau and then got connecting flight to Atlanta and then back to London.
I didn’t want to make this post too long so in few days you can expect another one, about food, accommodation and travel around Bahamas!


October 01, 2017