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Good evening guys!
What you up to? I found that in England there is every day some special day – pineapple day, tequila day and yesterday it was pancake day. It was just good reason for Daniil to have pancakes. Again. Honestly, if you would ask some of our flatmates what they usually see me being cooking for Daniil, they would probably tell you: ”pancakes, burgers, pizza”. Well, I love his passion for food:-)).  I know you might say I am not the best support for his healthy life style, but I am such a feeder, as he would say:D.

So yesterday pancake day and for me carrot soup with turmeric and chicken. Meanwhile my dinner I was working on pattern of trousers for Amanda – my colleague from work. Lately I get more excited for making clothes for others than me. It just motivates me more! So I cannot wait once I will be done as both of us see the result and she will be (hopefully) happy about it.

Yesterday was also pay day (my favourite day:D) And I did my budget for the month. I feel ashamed but I have to admit I am not good in saving money. I just like to spend it, either on my clothes, or on Daniil or good food or some experiences. Baaad baad Lucina. I know, I really want to work on this and start to do some savings! Any tips how to save up more money?
Anyway, I have done already some shopping and might show it to you on Sunday in random post, what I bought. If it arrives on time.
Obviously I have to be careful also because of school as I am part-timer now! Yay! I love retail but by working part time I have more time for everything!

How do you guys handle party-time job and school? Or you prefer just study and concentrate on internships? By the time this post is posted, I am probably sitting at school and with hungry face catching every word! :)
Also ehm, see my outfit! That’s the main reason for today’s post! I love the top by & other stories store, honestly.. I ordered more things, all of them amazing quality and the prices are not bad. Combined with leggings and sneakers – very comfortable outfit – I usually wear these combinations when I go shopping, to easily take everything off :D.

March 01, 2017

What happened last week II/II

sugar free desert and random post of the week

Good morning to all of you!

I don’t know, where to start today. It’s been so busy week that for the next weekly random post I must do some notes on daily basis to remember what everything I wanted to share with you guys!
This week it was almost just me at home as Daniil left for his friend’s birthday party to the Netherlands. I was quite excited to have weekend for myself and sewing but.. You know what, is sucked. I missed my boyfriend so badly! The weather wasn’t helping at all so when I was on my way home from shopping, I wasn’t excited about the empty flat, about not doing our jokes or being together. But I have to admit I did lots of sewing though. I’ve been working on new sewing project – working name is dress for Daniil’s birthday party. And the dress is for me, just to let you know. It is like this – for every smaller or bigger occasion I get excited so easily that I have to simply create new outfit for it, cook something special for it or simply organize the whole event. Yep Lucie, that’s you, you little bossy girl.
So I said, I’ve done another sewing project which I absolutely love love love (see blog posts in following weeks), went through bunch of magazines and cleaned up my closet. I also successfully finished first week without carbs (eating carbs only in vegetable, nuts, cocoa or.. actually that might be it!) so I am so proud about myself. And from the picture above you can see that when you quit carbs, you don’t quit desserts for breakfast! Visit this amazing blog of a girl called Janina who writes about her sugar free life and shares amazing recipes. Yesterday I baked her brownies (with a little paleo twist) and they are divine. The cream on top is just sweet positive side of high fat diet:D

 What about you guys, what have you done for last week to be proud of? :)

PS: I found one amazing thing: My boyfriend probably wears only one sock / has got one real leg only / Our washing machine is eating socks. Honestly, this morning when I was folding his socks, I had 6 spares socks. And I’ve already sorted them out like million times! Anybody has got any clue about this?

PS2: Next time I am definitely coming to Netherlands. Yesterday night I had Face Time with Daniil and saw all the amazing people I can call my friends. I miss you guys so badly! And Happy B-Day Thijs! I would change partying with you guys for all cashew butter in the world! :D

February 12, 2017

Spotted this week

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So last weekend Gabi came over and we had that amazing girly weekend. We had so much fun, I am so grateful for friend like her!
Obviously, the first day we went to Oxford street do so some necessary shopping, visit Primark (yes, I am using expression “visit” together with Primark. Honestly, who spend in that zoo less than 2 hrs!:D ) and just walk around.

I found just by accident this lovely store called “& other stories“. And fell in love!
Do you know this brand? Basically it is under the H&M group, with designs from Stockholm and Paris (honestly, lately French fashion got me so much! And Swedish bloggers.. well you know those famous bloggers from Stockholm!). This dangerous combination of French chic originality and Swedish style cannot make anything wrong.  The store I went in is on Oxford street, but they have more stores around London, just check their website.

Honestly, those from you, who are constantly on Instagram (like me) searching for outfit inspiration and seeing all these pretty trendy stuff, will love this store! It is exactly the thing I was looking for for ages. I don’t know where to start – they have exactly the trendy pieces for very affordable prices, the material quality is… I would say comparable to some high end brands and the colours are beautiful. Everything at & other stories starting by underwear ending up by accessories and cosmetic products. I was especially targeting on few pieces on my wish list – high waisted trousers and some tops.
I definitely recommend to visit the store as you might regret ordering online – at least you can really see the amazing quality plus I think at the store they have way more things. I must say even I regret I ordered bunch of stuff online! Hm, at least I didn’t have money left to go crazy at the store:) Check their knitwear and denim collection for sure. They are also on spot with the khaki colour which is so trendy now! Worth mentioning is also the cosmetic section where I found lots of body lotions smelling like sweets and most amazing body scrubs.
Once I will receive my stuff you can be sure to see it here on blog in outfits!

Have a fab evening guys and happy shopping :P

February 10, 2017

Asos washed off boyfriend denim

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Nope, I don’t look on the date of my last post..
So much things happen during last month! Finally, we’ve moved. Finally, we have cozy place to be, our comfort zone and time to be active again. And I am back here, in virtual space where I feel comfortable and so good to share my outfits and ideas.

Today I am wearing boyfriend jeans from Asos. Actually almost everything is Asos today as they teased me by sending a code for 20% off. Thanks guys, I am broke. Anyway, The cut is absolutely perfect and compliment to my body as it has got the right silhouette – very skinny in the waist and wider on hips what creates an illusion that I do have some curves! I love to combine it in a bit retro style, with high neck jumper and lovely belt, also Asos. Next time I will be wearing white mesh tights underneath and some white blouse. You can also style the jeans with heels and small clutch! Do you like my outfit today?
Also some great news – I have sewing machine!! Yayy!! It is early Christmas present and.. It is amazing. I will tel you more next time, in sewing post!

December 07, 2016

Balmain part 1: Peacoat

Balmain peacoat Balmain peacoat Balmain peacoat Balmain peacoat

So as you might know there was a big collaboration with Balmain going on in H&M last Thursday. It was… crazy. I love clothes, I love fashion and these collaborations but I would never sleep in front of some shop, 13 hours before opening the store!:D. The atmosphere was really tensed, girls were swearing to each other, slapping each other.. It is a bit sad, isn’t it? To be honest, I didn’t have to wait in a queue. Daniil and me were supposed to be online and purchase it there. But. He surprised me, waiting in a queue from 7am, to get even the nice shopping bag, hanger and cloth box! It is so sweet from him! Lately he called me he didn’t get any piece I wanted but I wasn’t disappointed. It is still just.. clothes. But, after work, he picked me up with huge black shopping bag from H&M!!!! I was sooooo happy!:)

He bought me two coats as I couldn’t decide which one. The one I am showing you now is back in store now, though:)
It is really nice, classy peacoat. I combined it with red M&S shirt and Levis jeans.

What about you, would you be able to stay in a queue for ages, to get a piece of clothes?:)

Nevím, zda-li jste slyšeli o šílenství, které propuklo kolem další spolupráce v H&M. Tentokráte se jednalo o značku Balmain. A šílenství to bylo obrovské! Miluji módu, miluji oblečení ale nikdy bych nespala před obchodem, třináct hodin před otevřením, abych dostala sukni či kabát:D. Atmosféra čtvrtečního rána byla doopravdy hustá. Došlo i na pár rvaček, holky po sobě štěkaly, předbíhalo se. Přijde mi to až celkem smutné:( Abych byla upřímná, já ve frontě čekat nemusela. Daniil a já jsme chtěli pár kousků ulovit online. Nicméně se nepovedlo a já si myslela, že se mi nepodaří zíksat žádný kousek. Daniil mi ale zatajil, že od sedmi od rána čekal před obchodem, aby mi získal vysněný kabát! Bylo to od něj tak strašně sladkéé:). Po práci mě přišel vyzvednout s tou obrovskou nákupní taškou a já byla taaaak nadšená!!!

Koupil mi kabáty dva, vzhledem k tomu, že jsem se nemohla rozhodnout, jaký chci. Ten první, který mám dnes na sobě je nicméně zpět v obchodě. A ten druhý, ten pravý, Vám ukáži příště:)
Dnes jsem klasický kabátek zkombinovala do školního stylu, spolu s kostkovanou košilí M&S pánského střihu a džínami Levis.

A co Vy, stálo by Vám za to spát před obchodem, abyste si ulovili svůj vysněný kousek oblečení?:)

November 11, 2015