Sometimes it's better to don't do it


Good evening babes!
Last three days were simply mess. I have a feeling that my brain simply got tired and I felt so lazy, so I didn’t do anything (yep, at least workout done!) and sticked to comfortable food. Gosh, I felt and I still do, so weird. And let’s face it – so fat :D. It was still sugar free though but definitely not carb free and definitely high fat. Now I am just asking myself: “Was it really worth it?”. Definitely no. Was it tasty? Definitely YES! :D. But today after I woke up feeling so hangover (I didn’t drink or anything) I was just like “Okay, let’s stop this sh*it! I had enough of overeating and not seeing the right results, enough of not doing things on my usual hundred and ten percent. So if you are in the same position, don’t wait until Monday, or start of the new month, but just jump into the new challenge now. Because there will never be the right time and every day counts. Simple.

I had also my induction at school and am so excited. I met our course leader, the rest of my team I am in class with, got schedule and everything. They said it will be hard upcoming six weeks for us, full of new informations and knowledge. But I heard in it just feeling of new challenges and tasks I cannot wait for. Now I am going back in my memories, to primary school, to my high school, thinking about all the good times and how much I loved that.. Well apart from the primary school but let’s hope nobody will hate for being so active :D.

As it’s going to be pay day soon (who else is so excited) I’ve done also a wish list for this month – there is a budget and blow out version of it :D. I’d love to buy the Celine sunglasses which became so popular last year – you know, the flat frames? Then another pair from Chiquelle – try their website, they have amazing clothes. Also high waisted jeans – I’ll probably go for them to River Island as they are THE ONLY ONES which don’t stretch out – does it also drive you crazy, when the jeans are just loosing its shape? Also some nice bodysuit, fishnet tights, white trainers and leather leggings – piece which I was wearing all the time and now I really miss it. I will buy the leather look leggings in Calzedonia – I can tell you they have the best!
I also want to get some fabrics and maybe some trendy piece for spring, I”ll see today as we are going to the city with Daniil. Cannot wait for our day together:)

Guys, enjoy your weekend and for those of you who are working – do your best and work hard:D
xxx Lucie

PS: A little sneak peak into the outfit we’ve done this weekend!


February 26, 2017

What happened last week III/II

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Hey babes!

Monday evening and post which was suppose to be uploaded yesterday, eh. It’s been hectic weekend and very quickly running week! Since last Monday I prayed for my holidays to come and then it came – since Thursday I enjoyed my free time spent mostly with Daniil. Damn, how much I needed holidays!

Last week I finished the sequin dress I’ve been working on – and as it is Monday and I am doing random post, the final look will be just surprise for you haha. I mean, if you are curious how does it look like…:D

On Friday we went to this place called Pitt Cue. Daniil loves meat, I love Daniil and fatty pork so this place was the right choice. We were eating ox heart, pig’s trotter, crispiest bacon ever and ox’s cheeks. Everything was delicious but at home I just fell asleep in heavy over-fat coma. Plus the wine we had. Uh! I felt a bit sick to be honest, but the food was divine, I can really recommend the restaurant. Just be fast with their specialities on the menu – they disappear fast!

On Saturday we went to Canary Wharf to fish market. It was amazing and I don’t regret the early wake up at all. For sure it is great idea to visit this even if you are tourist here in London – so unusual experience! We bought fish (red snapper, never heard about it before:D – we bought it considering size, colour and price:D) and tiger prawns – have to proudly say, I did really good job with both of them. See pictures and droll over:D.
I love the part around Canary Wharf, maybe because the talk buildings and industrial part with the port reminds me New York? How much I dream about the city guys, I really hope we  will move there next year..

Then we went to see the movie Fifty shades darker. Simply by one sentence – don’t waste your money on tickets for it. I love Dakota but I really hope she can do better than this – but I believe that this got her so much up – the cinema was so full and it is one of those smaller ones in London where usually nobody goes. The story of the movie was very weak. The book is still more worth to read than the movie to see.. :( But still – I loved the costumes, I loved the gestures Cristian was doing, etc:)
Sunday was very nice day, lazy morning and just about me and Daniil…

Okay, by this I have to stop myself to don’t make you fall asleep by way to long post:) I am so tired today! I had my enrolment day at school and then some appointments to do and came home exhausted. Quickly cooked dinner and meals for the week and now just chilling with Daniil..

Have a great night everyvone xxx


February 19, 2017

What happened last week II/II

sugar free desert and random post of the week

Good morning to all of you!

I don’t know, where to start today. It’s been so busy week that for the next weekly random post I must do some notes on daily basis to remember what everything I wanted to share with you guys!
This week it was almost just me at home as Daniil left for his friend’s birthday party to the Netherlands. I was quite excited to have weekend for myself and sewing but.. You know what, is sucked. I missed my boyfriend so badly! The weather wasn’t helping at all so when I was on my way home from shopping, I wasn’t excited about the empty flat, about not doing our jokes or being together. But I have to admit I did lots of sewing though. I’ve been working on new sewing project – working name is dress for Daniil’s birthday party. And the dress is for me, just to let you know. It is like this – for every smaller or bigger occasion I get excited so easily that I have to simply create new outfit for it, cook something special for it or simply organize the whole event. Yep Lucie, that’s you, you little bossy girl.
So I said, I’ve done another sewing project which I absolutely love love love (see blog posts in following weeks), went through bunch of magazines and cleaned up my closet. I also successfully finished first week without carbs (eating carbs only in vegetable, nuts, cocoa or.. actually that might be it!) so I am so proud about myself. And from the picture above you can see that when you quit carbs, you don’t quit desserts for breakfast! Visit this amazing blog of a girl called Janina who writes about her sugar free life and shares amazing recipes. Yesterday I baked her brownies (with a little paleo twist) and they are divine. The cream on top is just sweet positive side of high fat diet:D

 What about you guys, what have you done for last week to be proud of? :)

PS: I found one amazing thing: My boyfriend probably wears only one sock / has got one real leg only / Our washing machine is eating socks. Honestly, this morning when I was folding his socks, I had 6 spares socks. And I’ve already sorted them out like million times! Anybody has got any clue about this?

PS2: Next time I am definitely coming to Netherlands. Yesterday night I had Face Time with Daniil and saw all the amazing people I can call my friends. I miss you guys so badly! And Happy B-Day Thijs! I would change partying with you guys for all cashew butter in the world! :D

February 12, 2017

What happened last week I/I


last week

Hey guys!
So I’ve decided that Monday will be kind of random post about what happened last week, what caught my eye and stuff like this. And ever since I am obsessed with fashion, it might be mostly just never ending wish lists :)

First exciting information: I’ve been accepted for the L4 course of buying and merchandising at Fashion Retail Academy. I am so excited! It will be amazing be back at school, learn new things and open up new career paths. Also meet many interesting people and create important contacts. To be honest, I was about to write “and try to have best grades from whole class” but since high school I’ve learned that.. it is simply stupid. The amazing grades didn’t get me anywhere to be honest, everything is about your personality, experience and skills!
Back to my school – I am starting in the end of February!:) Anybody else is going to study there?

Yesterday Daniil told me about my birthday present. We are going to Monza, to see F1 race!!! I’ve never been the kind of person doing bucket lists, but if I was, this would be No.1!!! I am very excited. Also was just thinking, how amazing Daniil is, that he is arranging all the time these surprises..
Obviously we are going to make road trip from it to see all the cities and eat lots of amazing (paleo) food. But I might have pizza if will have to. (This is lie, I will want to). Especially, I cannot wait to see the very beautiful Tuscany!

We also started organising our holidays plans but have to wait how it will be with my school and everything. So far we know we want to go to Paris, Rio De Janeiro, New York for shopping weekend, Maldives and Island. And much more, but have to really work on proper schedule:)

I hope that this month is so far good for you as well and all of you are working on the goals you’ve set for yourself! (And tell me about them, I am curious!)

Lots of love xx Lucie

January 25, 2017

Daily randomly

just random coffee break:)new cold brew coffee in our french press

Ležím v obýváku na gauči vedle Daniila, který pilně pracuje. Dnes mu to jeho nasazení totálně závidím, protože mě se teda nic nechce. Mám pár věcí, které bych mohla dělat ale v cestě mi stojí YouTube, nový Cosmopolitan, další zbytečný YouTube a window shopping na Asosu.
(O pár hodin později…)
Stále jsem ve více méně horizontální poloze. Naštěstí už nemarním více ze svého posledního volného dne a kreslím. Na podzim chci zainvestovat do šicího stroje a tak potřebuji zadělat na střihy a nachytat inspiraci pro jednotlivé kousky, které budu šít:) Šijete taky?
Chystala jsem se dnes nafotit outfit, fakt se moc těšila.. Ale počasí v Londýně je neskutečně šedivé a deštivé. Prostě to občas nejde, tak to nebudeme hrotit, že:)
A co je jinak nového?
Koupili jsme si nový french press na kafe protože Daniil byl nadšenej z cold brew ze Starbucks. Takže celý den se proléváme kafem a já se nemůžu dočkat, až budu v noci lézt po stropě z toho přebytku kofeinu:D
Já se pro změnu odměnila zmrzlinovačem:D Ve kterém ale poctivě dělám jen mražené jogurty a zmrzlinu tak leda proteinovou, nemyslete:)
Jedu druhý týden paleo stravu. Moje posedlost jídlem vykrystalizovala, haha. Upřímně, zbavila jsem se všech obilovin, luštěnin a všech ostatních příloh ale vrátila jsem se k pár kouskům ovoce denně a mléčným výrobkům. O tom ale více příště.
Jinak taky tvrdě dřu v posilovně a šetřím peníze na prázdniny, takže nákupy musely jít na nějakou dobu stranou. Jsem hladová po výprodejích a River Islandu:( Já vím, je to strašně konzumní svět, ale někdo prostě módou žije!:)

A co je nového u Vás, holky moje?:) Jak si užíváte léta, máte nějaké plány a podobně?:)

Laying on the sofa, next to Daniil who works so hard today. I admire him so much today! You know those days when you are free, has got lots of time to do whatever you want but you are lazy for everything.
(Couple of hours later)
Still more in horizontal position. Well at least do not waste my time anymore but do some drawing. In the autumn I would like to invest money and buy sewing machine – I found really good one for good money! So I draw some designs of skirts, blouses to make in winter! Can’t wait for it:) Do you also like sewing / have some experience with it?:)
I wanted to post an outfit today but weather in London… Is simple so miserable!
And what’s new with me?
We bought new french press for nice coffee. Daniil loves the cold brew from Starbucks so we want to do it at home as well! Can’t wait to jump around our room in the middle of the night because of too much coffeine. For me, I bought ice cream maker (just to know – for protein soya ice cream or organic frozen yogurt:))
I’m also doing 2nd week of paleo diet. I got rid of all the grains, bread (which I miss!) but went back to dairy and fruit. But I’ll tell you more next time about it!
I also work really hard at gym and save all money for holidays. I miss shopping in River Island and don’t even look up for sales in Zara.. I know, so not neccessary, but somebody simple loves shopping and fashion!!!:))

And what about you my sweet girls? How is everything going, what’s new in your lifes?:))

June 02, 2016