Summer is over but I am back

summer is over

Okay, so it’s been almost three hours for which I was sitting here, going through September issue (talking about Vogue, of course!), watching silly series and thinking how to start again with my blog. Yep, it’s been more than 7 months since I wrote my last post. And it was so positive, you know, saying all these things about me starting the school and being organised, about having everything scheduled etc.

But I feel like life sometimes doesn’t want to work this way and is doing whatever it wants. And that some bullshit happen.

I really don’t know how to start so let’s just take it first things first.
In February I started my diploma course at Fashion Retail Academy. I was so excited but also a bit scared! You know, when I am entering new environment, it is really difficult for me to talk to the people, in foreign language even more ( – they for sure think that I am a complete idiot, the girl who doesn’t know what is she talking about.) But anyway, I gained confidence at school. Confidence in myself, confidence in my skills and I also found what I love to do and what I would love to do for my career.

During this crazy period I didn’t have time for anything – all these assignments effected my blog, doing outfits, going to the gym. And what it affected most was my healthy lifestyle. I remember that moment in March when I just burned out (like a fire cracker, believe me) and started eating crap. Like real crap. I must admit that I broke my sugar-free lifestyle and sinned and sinned and sinned.
Thanks to the full school timetable I couldn’t work as much as I wanted and couldn’t afford any shopping or whatsoever. For 7 months! That is really crazy for somebody like me. I know that I am being drama queen here but that is the thing: Once you get use to your own money and the luxury that you can afford to buy something every month, it is obviously hard to give it up.
I also had to change my job to have even less hours and so have more time for working on school projects.
I didn’t have time to see and visit my family, to travel or at least have some free time for my boyfriend.

Was it all worth it?

So much. I think this was the first time when I recognised that hard work pays of. I had the opportunity to work for Gucci,  recently I was offered a fantastic job of buyer’s admin assistant, I got a distinction from my final project at school, I have met amazing people and gained so much valuable knowledge and skills..
I don’t want to say that I am finally happy because I think that happiness should be unconditional. But I can say that I found partly my inner piece. That I don’t worry anymore about my career path because I set it up. That my job is not stressing me out anymore and I am not coming home tired. That I am starting again with sugar free lifestyle and am so excited about it:)

Okay guys, that’s probably it for tonight, I will see you here next week!



September 24, 2017

Devil's tears

devil's tears and my dress by nellydevil's tears and my dress by nellydevil's tears and my dress by nellydevil's tears and my dress by nelly

Devil’s tears are incredible place to go. Placed on Nusa Lembongan island close to the big sharp cliffs, the waves which are breaking into it are massive! I wore black dress by Nelly which I totally love! You have to visit their website, they have lots of things – amazing shoes, lovely tops and everything else. I already had the dress for my birthday party but we really didn’t want to take a risk and use the camera around all of the champagne bottles and cake:)

Devil’s tears je jedno úžasné místo na ostrově Nusa Lembongan. Jedná se o vysoký útes, do kterého naráží neskutečnou silou obrovské vlny a vzniká tak úžasná podívaná – voda rozbíjející se o skály “vyskočí” až do výšky tří, čtyř metrů. Využila jsem toho pozadí a vzala si na sebe krásné elegantní šaty ze stránek Nelly – určitě stojí za to navštívit jejich internetový obchod! Šaty už jsem na sobě měla na mojí narozeninové oslavě ale nehodlala jsem riskovat použití našeho drahého foťáku, když se všude motala ta spousta lahví se šampaňským a dortem.. :)

September 16, 2015