To get the inspiration

denim jacket by River Island! great denim inspiration denim jacket by River Island! great denim inspiration denim jacket by River Island! great denim inspiration

I just love walking around those luxury stores (lately Balenciaga, Givenchy or Gucci caught my eye) and being inspired for my own outfits or designs of clothes. Last time I took a bit of inspiration from Gucci collection with all the beautiful embroidery – will do something similar on my coat. And last time in Harvey Nichols I saw the amazing denim jacket with dropped shoulders from Balenciaga. It looked so cool! And soon I saw in on everybody – Kim Kardashian, beautiful blogger Kenza… So I decided to get something similar. River Island didn’t disappoint me neither in this time and I found this denim jacket with quote on back. It is the right cut, the right oversized size.. Such a cool piece! I wore it that day with my Nike leggings and new Huarache shoes. (Btw, I have to say the shoes are sooo comfortable, didn’t have any like this for so long time!

What else to say? I just cannot wait for summer, to combine this piece with high waisted shorts and boho accessories <3

PS: Let’s just don’t talk about my hair today. As I cut them, they behave crazy and happily grow all the ways. At least, they are happy.

January 20, 2017

Autumn is calling for over knee boots

over knee boots over knee boots over knee boots

Well, another “smart” post title is here right?:)
Lately I found myself in control freak zone where I want to rule everything and everywhere. This.. is simple impossible. So I just let some things go its way and try to just breathe sometimes. Do you also have to have everything under the control?
I do gym every day, then work, cooking, cleaning, a bit of blog and some interests, trying to fill most of the time with Daniil. Crazy ride isn’t it? At least I stopped to count every single calorie in my diet and simply am learning eating smaller portions (= my biggest problem).

Currently, I am in searching mood. Searching for pattern books, for things I need to by to start sew again, thinking about designs.. Love it! It is amazing way how to get rid of stress by the way – by doing what you love. So hit the gym and make yourself super tired or sit to the table and work on projects you like, this is like cure.

Guys, can you recommend me some sewing forums or websites for fans of making clothes? I couldn’t find anything what I liked.

Above you can see some pictures we did the other day – the over knee shoes are amazing to look but to wear them? I think it would belong somewhere in the deeper Dante’s hell part! Honestly, Hyde park is 2 minutes from our apartment but in these shoes, it felt like an hour.
Next time, I want them to use for different outfit!

October 26, 2016

Time for my Timberland boots

Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots Can't wait for summer again! Wearing Levis jeans, Uniqlo jumper and Timberland boots

Is it just my problem or do you also experience the tough feeling during getting out of the bed? The mornings are so dark, weather is literally s*it and the feeling, when you can’t see sun outside but still have to go to the gym… Can’t wait for spring and summer! Talking about that – I am already over the winter in my head, searching for trends for next season. Soon I will get my sewing machine and create some very cool stuff. I really cannot wait for the whole process, from picking the right fabric to finishing last details on the clothes… And I can’t wait to show it to you!

Yesterday I took pictures in my new boots from Timberland. As soon as I heard the word ”limited edition” I knew I have to get them. Typical girl right? Long story short (and thank you, Daniil, again:) I purchased them in Los Angeles. To be honest, I don’t think they are so versatile as their nude siblings but whatever. I love pink and you can still do very nice, buffered combinations. Like here – white high waisted jeans from Levis and cozy huge jumper from Uniqlo.


October 20, 2016

Black and white mood

black and white mood black and white mood black and white mood

Do you also have sometimes the idea to style yourself like the picture you’ve seen on Instagram or hanging on the wall, in a shop? When I was walking around pier in San Francisco, I saw in one shop that picture of Lana Del Rey. She was sitting in a car, leaned over the steering wheel. She looked so awesome, the picture as well! So I decided to do something similar (I didn’t want to copy it) and styled myself in our cookie ( = our car, Dodge, I didn’t like it so I called that cookie – the similar shape) to similar mood. What do you think about it? It is also my first time experimenting with black&white pictures.

Taky občas na internetu nebo někde na instagramu vidíte obrázek, fotku, do které se chcete stylizovat? Já tohle měla s fotkou Lany Del Rey. Procházeli jsme obchůdky v přístavu San Francisca a já na zdi viděla tu její fotku, vyvedenou v černé a bílé. Strašně jí to tam slušelo a já se rozhodla pro něco podobného. Pochopte, nechtěla jsem to úplně okopírovat, jen jsem se nechala inspirovat tím stylem a udělat si to po svém. Tak jsme vzali naší sušenku (takhle jsem nazvala náš ohavnej Dodge, kterej kluci vyměnili za předchozí auto. Prostě protože chtěli, klukovská blbost no.). Jak říkám, sedla jsem si do sušenky a zkoušeli jsme nafotit fotky v podobné atmosféře. Jak se Vám líbí výsledek?

September 26, 2016

Bikini body at Caesar's palace

_K3A2628 _K3A2700 _K3A2689 _K3A2668 _K3A2665

This is really something!
You have to understand, I don’t want to talk about me being beautiful on the pictures or something like that, I just really love the composition and the light on the pictures! And mainly the bikini. Love them! It is brand called Chiquelle and everybody here is asking me for it. Check their website, they have amazing pieces. It was one of my presents from Daniil.
To be honest, I was very struggling to post pictures in bikini as I am not sure 100% about my bikini body yet. You have to know that I got really problems with liking my body and self respect generally. I also tend to compare myself to others. What is bad I know! But last couple of months I’ve been working on it, working out a lot and stayed positive and everything just worked together. But still, that day in a swimming pool, I was still a bit shy.
Let me know, what do you think about the bikini!

I found an inspiration for the watermelon pictures from very good Swedish  Janni Deler – google her, she is amazing!
We did the pictures by Caesar’s palace pool – yes, we are staying here!! How cool is that:D
I hope you guys are having amazing time, whenever you are, back to the school, on holidays as well or at home, with your friends and families:)

Tak tyhle fotky jsou opravdu pecka!
Pochopte, nemám na mysli vychvalovat svou osobu apod. zobrazenou na fotkách, jen se mi strašně líbí ta kompozice a to světlo. Hlavně teda ty bikini. Byl to jeden z dárků od Daniila a každý se mě na ně ptá. Abyste věděli, je to značka Chiquelle – určitě se podívejte na jejich stránky pokud máte rády nevšední střihy, kvalitní materiály a švédský značky. Ty já miluju.
Upřímně, dlouho jsem se odhodlávala se fotit v bikinách protože mi to přijde strašně intimní ale hlavně – já mám doopravdy komplexy ze své postavy a mám tendence se s každým srovnávat. Což  je teda hrozný ale upřímný. Prostě si nevěřím. Ale pracuju na sobě a posledních pár měsíců jsem se na to snažila nemyslet a prostě na sobě makat, mít se ráda a nefňukat. Celkem to fungovalo! :D.
Určitě mi dejte vědět, jak se Vám fotky líbí. Fotku s melounem jsem tak nějak opičila po blogerce Janni Deler, je úžasná, vygooglujte si jí. Fotili jsme u bazénů Caesarova paláce, ano, tady jsme ubytovaní, jaká pecka to je!:D

Doufám, že se máte dobře, kdekoliv na světě jste!

September 08, 2016