Summer is over but I am back

summer is over

Okay, so it’s been almost three hours for which I was sitting here, going through September issue (talking about Vogue, of course!), watching silly series and thinking how to start again with my blog. Yep, it’s been more than 7 months since I wrote my last post. And it was so positive, you know, saying all these things about me starting the school and being organised, about having everything scheduled etc.

But I feel like life sometimes doesn’t want to work this way and is doing whatever it wants. And that some bullshit happen.

I really don’t know how to start so let’s just take it first things first.
In February I started my diploma course at Fashion Retail Academy. I was so excited but also a bit scared! You know, when I am entering new environment, it is really difficult for me to talk to the people, in foreign language even more ( – they for sure think that I am a complete idiot, the girl who doesn’t know what is she talking about.) But anyway, I gained confidence at school. Confidence in myself, confidence in my skills and I also found what I love to do and what I would love to do for my career.

During this crazy period I didn’t have time for anything – all these assignments effected my blog, doing outfits, going to the gym. And what it affected most was my healthy lifestyle. I remember that moment in March when I just burned out (like a fire cracker, believe me) and started eating crap. Like real crap. I must admit that I broke my sugar-free lifestyle and sinned and sinned and sinned.
Thanks to the full school timetable I couldn’t work as much as I wanted and couldn’t afford any shopping or whatsoever. For 7 months! That is really crazy for somebody like me. I know that I am being drama queen here but that is the thing: Once you get use to your own money and the luxury that you can afford to buy something every month, it is obviously hard to give it up.
I also had to change my job to have even less hours and so have more time for working on school projects.
I didn’t have time to see and visit my family, to travel or at least have some free time for my boyfriend.

Was it all worth it?

So much. I think this was the first time when I recognised that hard work pays of. I had the opportunity to work for Gucci,  recently I was offered a fantastic job of buyer’s admin assistant, I got a distinction from my final project at school, I have met amazing people and gained so much valuable knowledge and skills..
I don’t want to say that I am finally happy because I think that happiness should be unconditional. But I can say that I found partly my inner piece. That I don’t worry anymore about my career path because I set it up. That my job is not stressing me out anymore and I am not coming home tired. That I am starting again with sugar free lifestyle and am so excited about it:)

Okay guys, that’s probably it for tonight, I will see you here next week!



September 24, 2017

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Part I.

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Maybe it is bad to say, that my best experience from whole US trip was this city. But I have to say it. Las Vegas is fabulous. I’ve never seen city like this, living 24/7, with such an amazing vibe and energy (Daniil’s keep saying they are adding something in the air, for people to feel like this). But honestly, you just have to experience this.

Once we arrived, I did not turn off my camera and my neck hurt from all the turnings around. We stayed in Caesar’s Palace, at Augustus tower. Damn, if you want the view which we paid for, you really have to pay. But let’s just do not talk about the fact that you have to tip everybody from bell men, waitresses, at valley parking or that you have to pay for everything extra money, taxes and resorts fees. We saved the money, let’s make it rain! :D
The hotel is absolutely fabulous. Obviously, you can find much cheaper places and still be close to the centre. This is just more like a symbol of Vegas for me so we decided to stay there. The building has got almost 5 000 rooms. How crazy is that?
Free access to the gym is must, as well the luxurious swimming pool (We’ve been there once. Either we were hangover or tired or just walking outside). And of course, you got a shopping mall inside. Also the decoration are done the way you got the feeling it is still daylight there.
From our room we could see the Bellagio fountains. All the hotels are connected under the ground so you basically don’t have to leave the air conditioned spaces. Nice, but you absolutely have no clue about time or what is going on outside.

Outside on the streets, you can find everything. Mostly promoted girls in “men’s clubs”, restaurants or Uber.

In Vegas we’ve done lots of pool parties (Drai’s, Wet republic, Encore at Hard Rock hotel), parties (Hakkasan, MGM Grand, Omnia, etc.). Also helicopter tour, Cirque du Soleil – it was absolutely stunning, we did Michael Jackson! And visited places like Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant for burgers and Heart attack grill (first you enter the restaurant and get the hospital dress on, then here you can order the burger with almost 10 000kcal in it. It is, by the way from other ingredients, 40 slices of bacon. If you don’t finish your meal, you gotta be spanked! Seriously, there is a stand, and the girls do not care how it hurts you!
People who weight more than 250 lb can eat for free. How nice it is, to support weight problems:P

Guys, I am pretty sure I forgot bunch of stuff so I’ve decided to split this post into the two so enjoy first part of pictures!

October 03, 2016

Is this really happening in San Francisco?

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San FranciscoSan Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

It was such an irony – I was just sitting in the car, saying to myself how beautiful the painted buildings here are. And in that moment, in very few seconds, it just happened. Lots of our money, our time put into the work to save the money and buy all the things have been gone. To understand, our backpack with lots of camera equipment and laptops has been stolen. I am just thinking how desperate people have to be to do something like this. Has this ever happen to you, guys?

I don’t want you to be sorry for me or so but I would simply like to share even things like this with you..
Let’s just close it with saying that with all the things going on, it wasn’t happiest week for me.

Now I am back in London and finally have a chance to upload all the pictures, tell you about the trip and everything. Hopefully I did not forget everything. So sorry about the long time without new blog posts!
First things all, today is about San Fran. It was nice change from the heat, to cool down a bit and be able to walk around the city, not sweaty or tired from sun. Have you ever been to San Fran?

During the couple of days we spent here, we visited Golden Gate bridge (the most photographed bridge on the world), place where Marilyn Monroe has her wedding picture done, saw lots of seals on the pier (I never realised how massive they are!), visited China town and Russian hill, saw the crazy steep streets going up to the hill and Painted ladies as well.

PS: The small building on the island is Alcatraz prison. So cool!

Jaká ironie, že na místě, které se mi v San Franciscu líbilo úplně nejvíce, se stane právě tohle.
Seděla jsem v autě a říkala si, jaká nádherná architektura je tady kolem. Když právě v ten moment, v několika následujících sekundách se to stalo – ukradli nám batoh s laptopy a vybavením na foťák. Tak jsem přemýšlela, jak jsou někteří lidi zoufalí, že můžou udělat něco jako tohle. Stalo se Vám někdy něco podobného?

Nechci aby Vám mě bylo líto nebo tak, ale myslím, že bych se s Vámi měla podělit i o “zážitky” jako jsou právě tyhle.
Tak to prostě uzavřem s tím, že to pro mě nebyl zrovna ten nejveselejší týden…

Dnes jsem zpět v Londýně a konečně Vám tak mohu postupně ukázat všechny naše fotky a říct mé dojmy a vzpomínky.
Mám zapůjčený MacBook pro což je teda úžasný, ale moc moc mi chybí můj malej a pomalej MacBook air.
Byli jste někdy v San Franciscu? Bylo to super, na chvíli vypnout od toho sluníčka a užít si chození po městě bez pocení a kompletní dehydratace.

V průběhu těch několika dnů, které jsme tu strávili, jsme navštívili slavný Golden Gate bridge, místo, kde si Marilyn Monroe nechala dělat svatební fotografie, China town a také rezidenční oblast se slavnýmí Painted ladies. Také jsme si díky procházení nesčetněkrát zakusili ty strmé ulice San Francisca. Za prvé – nechápu, jak může být někdo schopen parkovat pod takovým úhlem a potom – tohle je prostě kardio jak něco!

Mimochodem – ta budova na tom malém ostrově je slavné vězení Alcatraz. Bylo to strašně cool vidět!


September 20, 2016

Bikini body at Caesar's palace

_K3A2628 _K3A2700 _K3A2689 _K3A2668 _K3A2665

This is really something!
You have to understand, I don’t want to talk about me being beautiful on the pictures or something like that, I just really love the composition and the light on the pictures! And mainly the bikini. Love them! It is brand called Chiquelle and everybody here is asking me for it. Check their website, they have amazing pieces. It was one of my presents from Daniil.
To be honest, I was very struggling to post pictures in bikini as I am not sure 100% about my bikini body yet. You have to know that I got really problems with liking my body and self respect generally. I also tend to compare myself to others. What is bad I know! But last couple of months I’ve been working on it, working out a lot and stayed positive and everything just worked together. But still, that day in a swimming pool, I was still a bit shy.
Let me know, what do you think about the bikini!

I found an inspiration for the watermelon pictures from very good Swedish  Janni Deler – google her, she is amazing!
We did the pictures by Caesar’s palace pool – yes, we are staying here!! How cool is that:D
I hope you guys are having amazing time, whenever you are, back to the school, on holidays as well or at home, with your friends and families:)

Tak tyhle fotky jsou opravdu pecka!
Pochopte, nemám na mysli vychvalovat svou osobu apod. zobrazenou na fotkách, jen se mi strašně líbí ta kompozice a to světlo. Hlavně teda ty bikini. Byl to jeden z dárků od Daniila a každý se mě na ně ptá. Abyste věděli, je to značka Chiquelle – určitě se podívejte na jejich stránky pokud máte rády nevšední střihy, kvalitní materiály a švédský značky. Ty já miluju.
Upřímně, dlouho jsem se odhodlávala se fotit v bikinách protože mi to přijde strašně intimní ale hlavně – já mám doopravdy komplexy ze své postavy a mám tendence se s každým srovnávat. Což  je teda hrozný ale upřímný. Prostě si nevěřím. Ale pracuju na sobě a posledních pár měsíců jsem se na to snažila nemyslet a prostě na sobě makat, mít se ráda a nefňukat. Celkem to fungovalo! :D.
Určitě mi dejte vědět, jak se Vám fotky líbí. Fotku s melounem jsem tak nějak opičila po blogerce Janni Deler, je úžasná, vygooglujte si jí. Fotili jsme u bazénů Caesarova paláce, ano, tady jsme ubytovaní, jaká pecka to je!:D

Doufám, že se máte dobře, kdekoliv na světě jste!

September 08, 2016