And what about the leggings?

leggings look with my own coat leggings look with my own coat leggings look with my own coat leggings look with my own coat leggings look with my own coat

So what is the deal with leggings? Is that one big no no or is that allowed, for those very casual occasions, for weekend wear?
Apparently this trend hasn’t faded yet – recently seen on Gigi Hadid walking around NY in very comfortable looking outfit – cropped hoodie, grey pair of leggings and no-make up perfect skin. I personally love them on Kardashians – either you love them or hate them, they have style and know how to wear every single piece of clothes. But what you could spotted on these girls is the most important know-how for leggings: Material, material, material. They don’t do smaller sizes where you can see your underwear print or any transparency. And no, you don’t have to go crazy with money, it just needs patience and lots of trying to find the best pick for you. I personally recommend Asos, Nike, H&M or Joseph. First three brands are more casual and you can find there easier fabrics and more fun styles. Joseph is doing amazing gabardine leggings – I have mine for a year now and cannot complain at all! Also on Asos you can get some for workwear as well – not whether treat Asos as high street or high end fashion retail as they have amazing stuff sometimes.

By years now I also love leather look leggings – for me the best one are from Calzedonia. I recently tried Forever 21 or Asos, but they were too thin or my (no)bum looked weird..:)
It is also all about details – what are you going to pair them with, accessories and details on leggings itself.

So what is your final opinion, yay or nay for leggings?
Here I went for very sporty combination – bottom from Nike with Primark crop top and my super comfortable Nike Huarache trainers.


February 08, 2017
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Meet my faux leather vest

leather_jacket_2 leather_jacket_1 forever 21 faux leather jacket forever 21 faux leather jacket forever 21 faux leather jacket forever 21 faux leather jacket

Very specific piece I would say but still so easy to combine!

Recently I’ve started to follow Ashley Brooke on youtube and purchased thanks to her already two things. One of them was this faux leather vest. Here I combined it with sheer top and high waisted trousers and the combination looks.. A bit rough, right? :)
However, it is great outfit for party.  Vest has got chic details and really nice look. Next time I would go for chunky knitwear under the vest together wit beanie and heeled boots.  Also am thinking about some combination of it with skirt, mid length probably.. Any inspirational ideas?
Also, how do you like this outfit?

PS: I found myself posting once per month. Baaaad. Every Wednesday and Sunday keep eye on blog as there will be new post!

January 11, 2017

Asos washed off boyfriend denim

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Nope, I don’t look on the date of my last post..
So much things happen during last month! Finally, we’ve moved. Finally, we have cozy place to be, our comfort zone and time to be active again. And I am back here, in virtual space where I feel comfortable and so good to share my outfits and ideas.

Today I am wearing boyfriend jeans from Asos. Actually almost everything is Asos today as they teased me by sending a code for 20% off. Thanks guys, I am broke. Anyway, The cut is absolutely perfect and compliment to my body as it has got the right silhouette – very skinny in the waist and wider on hips what creates an illusion that I do have some curves! I love to combine it in a bit retro style, with high neck jumper and lovely belt, also Asos. Next time I will be wearing white mesh tights underneath and some white blouse. You can also style the jeans with heels and small clutch! Do you like my outfit today?
Also some great news – I have sewing machine!! Yayy!! It is early Christmas present and.. It is amazing. I will tel you more next time, in sewing post!

December 07, 2016

Ain't no easy way

ain't no easy way - levis denim shorts asos crop top333 4444 ain't no easy way - levis denim shorts asos crop top ain't no easy way - levis denim shorts asos crop top

Yesterday I found, how easy I can find an apologize for everything. I was sitting in the living room, drinking my second glass of wine (and that’s my maximum) and searching on internet that black pudding (the cheat meal I was eating) is actually super food. Then I heard from Daniil that even body builders drink wine and it is actually ok, too.
Today, I feel a bit heavier and my muscles hurt from the wine. The result? It is very simple to find an apologize for everything and the reason why “something is positive”. Especiall if you have by your hand Google. I just wanted to say that I am definitely done with this procrastination and excuses. Especially (in my case) with food. Because if it was easy, everybody would be doing that. So if somebody is sometimes putting you down, think about that the person is simply jelaous and cannot do / cannot give up things you can. So I am eating my porridge now, drinking pre-workout and getting ready for gym, to feel a bit better!
Obviously, we did the pictures before dinner so you can’t see my after food tummy :D I felt in love with these denim shorts by Levis. I love the fabric, the destroyed look and open buttons in front! So cool. I add just simple white crop top from Asos. It was very random shoot!

Včera jsem se přistihla, jak jednoduše si dokážu na všechno najít výmluvu. Seděla jsem v obýváku, popíjela mou druhou sklenku vína (a to je moje maximum) a hledala na internetu, že black pudding (to jídlo, co jsem jedla), je vlastně super potravina a je to vlastně dobrý. Pak jsem od Daniila slyšela, že i body buildeři pijí víno a že to je vlastně taky v pohodě.
Dnes ráno je mi trochu těžko a po víně mě akorát bolí každý sval na mém těle. Výsledek? Je strašně jednoduché si najít pro všechno omluvu a důvod “proč ano”. Obzvláště pokud máte po ruce Google. Jen jsem Vám chtěla říct, že s těmihle výmluvami definitivně končím. Hlavně (u mě) co se jídla týče. Ono kdyby to bylo jednoduché, to sebezapření, dělal by to každý. A tak proto, pokud Vás někdo někdy srážel k zemi, myslete jen na to, že hodně lidí prostě závidí, že Vy něco můžete dokázat a oni na to nemají tu sílu. Takže jsem si dala mojí kaši a jdu si dát do posilovny intervalový trénink, ať se cítím méně vinna:)
Outfit je focen ještě před vydatnou večeří, takže nejde vidět bříško :D. Zamilovala jsem se do těch denimových šortek z Levisu, tahám je pořád – tak jsou pohodlné! Velice se mi na nich líbí hlavně ten denim samotný a otevřené řešení zapínání. Crop top je z Asosu.

August 14, 2016

Let's just say, I am out of the group

mango top, zara crop top, asos shorts mango top, zara crop top, asos shorts mango top, zara crop top, asos shorts

For long time, I was trying to put myself into the “fashion” blogging group. I was doing my best to do not put on blog so much food posts or recipes, concentrate on the fashion field only..But you know what, screw these groups and dividing. I love cooking super healthy and I would even more love to share this with you as well. So I hope you won’t be disappointed to see here from time to time some food posts or so! (Soon, you’ll find here some of mine kitchen hacks – how to save money and drink and eat healthier.)

As you can see, today’s post is about outfit – sunset in Hyde park was beautiful yesterday. I combined crop top from Zara and used unbuttoned shirt by Mango over the top. The bottom is from Asos. I also bought this bracelet in Primark, for summer accessories they are really good!
We also tried more romantic style pictures today so I hope you like them.

Dlouho jsem se snažila sama sebe škatulkovat do skupiny “fashion” bloggerů. Zajímat se jen o módu a trendy. Nemůžu si ale pomoct – miliuji zdravý životní styl a ještě více ráda miluji někomu předávat tipy, rady, zkušenosti. Tak se na mě nezlobte, pokud tu čas od času objevíte nemódní příspěvek (a těšte se, že brzy tu najdete pár z mých kuchyňských tipů).

Ale dneska je to o outfitu. Zvolila jsem bílou kombinaci crop topu ze Zary a šortky z Asosu, navrch jsem dala nedopnutou košili bez rukávů z Manga. Na rukou mám prstýnek z H&M a náramek z Primarku – na letní bižuterii je super!

August 04, 2016
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