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Good evening guys!
What you up to? I found that in England there is every day some special day – pineapple day, tequila day and yesterday it was pancake day. It was just good reason for Daniil to have pancakes. Again. Honestly, if you would ask some of our flatmates what they usually see me being cooking for Daniil, they would probably tell you: ”pancakes, burgers, pizza”. Well, I love his passion for food:-)).  I know you might say I am not the best support for his healthy life style, but I am such a feeder, as he would say:D.

So yesterday pancake day and for me carrot soup with turmeric and chicken. Meanwhile my dinner I was working on pattern of trousers for Amanda – my colleague from work. Lately I get more excited for making clothes for others than me. It just motivates me more! So I cannot wait once I will be done as both of us see the result and she will be (hopefully) happy about it.

Yesterday was also pay day (my favourite day:D) And I did my budget for the month. I feel ashamed but I have to admit I am not good in saving money. I just like to spend it, either on my clothes, or on Daniil or good food or some experiences. Baaad baad Lucina. I know, I really want to work on this and start to do some savings! Any tips how to save up more money?
Anyway, I have done already some shopping and might show it to you on Sunday in random post, what I bought. If it arrives on time.
Obviously I have to be careful also because of school as I am part-timer now! Yay! I love retail but by working part time I have more time for everything!

How do you guys handle party-time job and school? Or you prefer just study and concentrate on internships? By the time this post is posted, I am probably sitting at school and with hungry face catching every word! :)
Also ehm, see my outfit! That’s the main reason for today’s post! I love the top by & other stories store, honestly.. I ordered more things, all of them amazing quality and the prices are not bad. Combined with leggings and sneakers – very comfortable outfit – I usually wear these combinations when I go shopping, to easily take everything off :D.

March 01, 2017

Spring sneakers

Spring is coming!
So excited about it. As the weather is warmer, you should definitely have some pairs of sneakers to be ready and fashionable for every occasion!:)

YSL, asos, aldo, adidas, ted baker

1. Aldo, Faschnat, white colour: 80GBP
2. Vans, SK8 hi slim zip shoes,  57GBP
3. Asos, Adidas originals Honey Metallic White mid high top trainers, 55GBP
4. Asos, Adidas Originals ZX flax dust pink print trainers, 72GBP
5. Givenchy, Slip-on sneakers in magnolia print leather (, 495GBP
6.Vans, Authentic shoes, 23.50GBP
7. Aldo, Meggitt, blue colour: 80GBP
8. Saint Laurent, Fringed suede high-top sneakers (, 530GBP
9. Asos, Ted Baker Malbeck Cascading Slip on trainers, 85GBP

There are some nice sneakers I have found! I would definitely love to go for those once from YSL if I could!! And also Givenchy and that beautiful flower print!! Anyway, spring, warmer weather are coming so take your favourites sneakers out for walk (in better case take them to the shop to buy new pair!) Which ones are your favourite one?:) You can also see here my favourites from my ”collection”, haha:)
Carpe diem! Your lucy

Jaro je tadyy!!
Jsem tak šťastná za to teplejší počasí a – vzhledem ke zdejšímu klima – za každý sluneční paprsek.
S teplejším počasím nezapomeňte nakoupit nějaké tenisky, kecky, apod.

Tady jsem pro Vás našla pár úžasných párů tenisek!! Osobně bych určitě šla do těch od YSL!! A ty nazouvací od Givenchy s květinovým potiskem jsou tak nádherné, ach!:)
Nicméně, jaro a teplejší počasí přichází, tak vezměte Vaše oblíbené tenisky ven, na procházku nebo lépe – vezměte je na procházku do obchodu s botami a pořiďte jim sourozence:). Tak jaké jsou Vaše oblíbené kecky??
Také jsem se s Vámi chtěla podělit o mou skromnou sbírku tenisek, kterou mám ve skříni..
Carpe diem!!! Vaše lucie

February 23, 2015