Sewing: red blouse with raglan sleeves

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First I did my research and found few pictures for inspiration. I want the blouse looks like the white model above!

red blouse with raglan sleeves red blouse with raglan sleeves red blouse with raglan sleeves

Soo today is sewing post, right?
I started to work on the 80s style blouse for which I found inspiration the other day on Pinterest. I did some sketches and pattern but so far the blouse came out.. Hm, not exactly as I imagined. from the black and white picture you can see how the cut should look like – raglan sleeves and deep neck. But I think I went for too elegant and draggy fabric, what do you think? As I am so obsessed with details, I might redo it. Actually, I will redo it for sure! Take a sneak peak on how far I am with the blouse. I throw away the original sketches. I might do new one and add it later for you guys to see which cut I wanted to go for – maybe you can give me little help with pattern then? :)

Have a great day!

PS: This text was in absolutely hurry but at least… Express my thoughts about the blouse:D Honestly, I really have to work on the blouse over my days off. Not hundred percent happy with the result!

February 06, 2017

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