Sewing: Birthday sequin dress not for my birthday

sewing sequin dress sewing sequin dress sewing sequin dress sewing sequin dress sewing sequin dress sewing sequin dress

First thing: I am very happy how organised I am lately. Second thing: it has got couple of conditions, to keep up with the schedule – wake up at 6am, meal prep, energy (which disappears at 11am) and organised and scheduled posts. I mean, pictures. Because this is my first post I’m doing at work, on my break, with belly full of mashed cauliflower with butter and poached chicken. So full. How is your Monday so far? 

Today I share some first sneak peaks into my sequin dress: You gonna love the final picture! But I’ll keep it for next Monday post:P

The dress is for Daniil’s birthday party happening in March. I got it ready now already because later I will be panicking with cake for My cutie pie and make up. 

To be honest guys, I didn’t expect it will be so easy to work with sequin fabric, plus lining. I got all the parts of the pattern ready first, than  sew by hand together lining and the parts (for preparation only) and then worked on the whole dress.

As you can see, the sequins were eeeeverywhere!:D The whole floor in the kitchen was glittery, like disco ball exploded there or whatever. How do you like it? I feel so glamorous in that dress, I’ve never done or worn something like this before!! Would be amazing to have some fluffy white fur over my shoulders haha. But it might be too much for house party:) I am seriously thinking about selling the dress once I’ll wear it just for one night. 

Anybody interested?:))

February 13, 2017

Sewing: red blouse with raglan sleeves

inspiration inspiration

First I did my research and found few pictures for inspiration. I want the blouse looks like the white model above!

red blouse with raglan sleeves red blouse with raglan sleeves red blouse with raglan sleeves

Soo today is sewing post, right?
I started to work on the 80s style blouse for which I found inspiration the other day on Pinterest. I did some sketches and pattern but so far the blouse came out.. Hm, not exactly as I imagined. from the black and white picture you can see how the cut should look like – raglan sleeves and deep neck. But I think I went for too elegant and draggy fabric, what do you think? As I am so obsessed with details, I might redo it. Actually, I will redo it for sure! Take a sneak peak on how far I am with the blouse. I throw away the original sketches. I might do new one and add it later for you guys to see which cut I wanted to go for – maybe you can give me little help with pattern then? :)

Have a great day!

PS: This text was in absolutely hurry but at least… Express my thoughts about the blouse:D Honestly, I really have to work on the blouse over my days off. Not hundred percent happy with the result!

February 06, 2017

Sewing: Oversized camel coat

oversized coat oversized coat oversized coat oversized coat oversized coat

I think it is just the very best time to show you the oversized coat I’ve made. Finally, I have finished all the button holes.. I mean the one actually, as I decided to leave it quite open. And still it is more my Juki’s job than mine, I just put the thread through!
However, I can (and am, so much!) proud of myself. First lined coat since high school. Where you guys usually go for inspiration for your stuff you make? I browse Pinterest all the time, it is really massive source of inspiration. (Please find there my weirdly named boards or interesting inspirational ideas).
So as you can see, the coat is fully lined, with wide collar, widely placed sleeves, pockets in seams and one retro button. I love that piece, I found it on Shepherd’s bush market at one tiny shop where you could find all these retro accessories for sewing, pieces for making beautiful Indian ┬ádresses etc. I really love these cultures and traditional fashion which they wear in countries like India. I already work on other designs with some details.. But about this later! :)

Now take a look on the coat and its progress. I started from basic construction of loose – fitted coat where I created deeper armhole for baggy sleeves. Then just marked desired pockets, created collar and started with cutting and sewing. I have to say, it wasn’t easy, the wool behaved kind of weird way for which I wasn’t ready:) (Also forgot how powerful ironing can be!).

January 30, 2017