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last week

Hey guys!
So I’ve decided that Monday will be kind of random post about what happened last week, what caught my eye and stuff like this. And ever since I am obsessed with fashion, it might be mostly just never ending wish lists :)

First exciting information: I’ve been accepted for the L4 course of buying and merchandising at Fashion Retail Academy. I am so excited! It will be amazing be back at school, learn new things and open up new career paths. Also meet many interesting people and create important contacts. To be honest, I was about to write “and try to have best grades from whole class” but since high school I’ve learned that.. it is simply stupid. The amazing grades didn’t get me anywhere to be honest, everything is about your personality, experience and skills!
Back to my school – I am starting in the end of February!:) Anybody else is going to study there?

Yesterday Daniil told me about my birthday present. We are going to Monza, to see F1 race!!! I’ve never been the kind of person doing bucket lists, but if I was, this would be No.1!!! I am very excited. Also was just thinking, how amazing Daniil is, that he is arranging all the time these surprises..
Obviously we are going to make road trip from it to see all the cities and eat lots of amazing (paleo) food. But I might have pizza if will have to. (This is lie, I will want to). Especially, I cannot wait to see the very beautiful Tuscany!

We also started organising our holidays plans but have to wait how it will be with my school and everything. So far we know we want to go to Paris, Rio De Janeiro, New York for shopping weekend, Maldives and Island. And much more, but have to really work on proper schedule:)

I hope that this month is so far good for you as well and all of you are working on the goals you’ve set for yourself! (And tell me about them, I am curious!)

Lots of love xx Lucie

January 25, 2017

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Part I.

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Maybe it is bad to say, that my best experience from whole US trip was this city. But I have to say it. Las Vegas is fabulous. I’ve never seen city like this, living 24/7, with such an amazing vibe and energy (Daniil’s keep saying they are adding something in the air, for people to feel like this). But honestly, you just have to experience this.

Once we arrived, I did not turn off my camera and my neck hurt from all the turnings around. We stayed in Caesar’s Palace, at Augustus tower. Damn, if you want the view which we paid for, you really have to pay. But let’s just do not talk about the fact that you have to tip everybody from bell men, waitresses, at valley parking or that you have to pay for everything extra money, taxes and resorts fees. We saved the money, let’s make it rain! :D
The hotel is absolutely fabulous. Obviously, you can find much cheaper places and still be close to the centre. This is just more like a symbol of Vegas for me so we decided to stay there. The building has got almost 5 000 rooms. How crazy is that?
Free access to the gym is must, as well the luxurious swimming pool (We’ve been there once. Either we were hangover or tired or just walking outside). And of course, you got a shopping mall inside. Also the decoration are done the way you got the feeling it is still daylight there.
From our room we could see the Bellagio fountains. All the hotels are connected under the ground so you basically don’t have to leave the air conditioned spaces. Nice, but you absolutely have no clue about time or what is going on outside.

Outside on the streets, you can find everything. Mostly promoted girls in “men’s clubs”, restaurants or Uber.

In Vegas we’ve done lots of pool parties (Drai’s, Wet republic, Encore at Hard Rock hotel), parties (Hakkasan, MGM Grand, Omnia, etc.). Also helicopter tour, Cirque du Soleil – it was absolutely stunning, we did Michael Jackson! And visited places like Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant for burgers and Heart attack grill (first you enter the restaurant and get the hospital dress on, then here you can order the burger with almost 10 000kcal in it. It is, by the way from other ingredients, 40 slices of bacon. If you don’t finish your meal, you gotta be spanked! Seriously, there is a stand, and the girls do not care how it hurts you!
People who weight more than 250 lb can eat for free. How nice it is, to support weight problems:P

Guys, I am pretty sure I forgot bunch of stuff so I’ve decided to split this post into the two so enjoy first part of pictures!

October 03, 2016

The sky is the limit

Malibu coast Santa Monica beach at Malibu fun fair in Austin miami beach from above

That’s the feeling I got with our new little drone. Actually, the size is a bit misleading..:)
We welcomed to our “family” a drone – Phantom 4 from company Dji. It is such an amazing company! They started like a start up which they are not anymore – their popularity has grown massively.

The drone is such a cool thing. Obviously, you have to be careful where to fly and also to don’t hurt any animals around, neither yourself. But then, once you are free to fly, it is absolutely amazing and only the sky is your limit. It is so different to see things from above, make fun videos and pictures.

Just let you know – First three pictures are from coasts of Santa Monica, Malibu, the other one is from fairy in Austin in Texas and the last one from Miami beach.

Že jen obloha je limit – takový pocit mám, když lítáme kolem s naším novým dronem.
Přivítali jsme toho prcka (teda, o velikosti by se dalo polemizovat) do naší hi-tech rodinky těsně před prázdninami. A na prázdninách si jej náležitě užili! Mimochodem jedná se o dron Phantom 4 od společnosti Dji – slyšeli jste o nich? Vše to začalo jako start up, což už teď rozhodně není. Jejich popularita obrovsky vzrostla. A design mi až nápadně připomíná výrobky od Jablíčka… :))

Ten dron je fakt pecka. Jakmile se s tím jednou naučíte, nechce se Vám přistát. Musíte být ale stále na pozoru, lítat pouze v dovolených prostorech (což my jsme samozřejmě strašně dodržovali), nenaletět do ptacta nebo do kamarádů stojících poblíž.
Každopádně vidět věci z ptačí perspektivy je úžasné.

Abyste se jen orientovali v obrázcích – první tři jsou z oblasti kolem Santa Moniky, Malibu a San Diega. Další je z Texasu, z města Austin, kde se konal takový ten typický americký “festival”. A poslední jsme vlastně dělali jako první – jedná se o pláž v Miami!


September 24, 2016

Just do it by yourself

This is going to be something for real meat lovers!
The food in US is very arguable. Meanwhile you got shops with food full of sugar bombs containing artificial whatever or junk fast food, you can also pick nicer way to eat – either organic stores or restaurants like we sometimes did. I really enjoyed food in Texas, San Diego and Los Angeles – we visited such an interesting places!

Tohle bude něco pro milovníky masa.
Jídlo v USA bylo velice diskutabilní. Ale i přes smršť fast foodů a řetěců s nezdravým jídlem jsme měli možnost jíst i v hezčích místech a nakupovat v organických obchodech. Mají to tu plné grass-fed dobytka a cold-press šťáv a tak jsem si tu libovala. Nechte inspirovat pár místy, které jsme navštívili!

First was San Diego.
Place called Crab Hut is so cool – you pick the things which you want to eat (seafood – very rich on choices!), the way you want to cook it and spices used for it. After a while, they’ll bring you bucket containing hot plastic bag with the things you picked. We did mix of everything and it was delicious. I never had so big crab or so tasty buttery shrimps.

V San Diegu jsme navštívili Crab Hut. V menu si vyberete, které mořské potvory na talíři chcete, jak je chcete uvařit (my šli do bylinkového másla). O chvíli později Vám přinesou kýbl s horkým sáčkem plným těch potvor, které jsou neskutečně lahodné.

img_5444  img_5455

Strip club was our second choice in San Diego. It was my first time in strip club. Talking about the restaurant obviously!
The point was easy – chose steak or piece of different meat which you like and then, just do it by yourself. For this, you have huge grills in the middle of the restaurant. That’s such an amazing idea! Perfect for parties with friends or some different special occasions.

Strip club je místo s obrovským grilem uprostřed restaurace. Vy si jen vyberete maso, které chcete a oni Vám ho přinesou syrový. Je jen na Vás, jak si maso ochutíte a ugrilujete (a hnidopichové už nemůžou nadávat).


Texas was obviously amazing for BBQ. Salt Lick BBQ was a bit out of the city, but worth it. How is it possible to do all you can eat from meat like this?? The ribs were amazing (I love it), the brisket was falling apart (Daniil loved that!) and the sausage was full of meat, not that fatty. Like a sides, you got cole slaw, beans and bread. Skip the bread and go for the meat, maybe few of their pickles!
Also, they have small winery behind the restaurant. Trying dry wine in that heat, wasn’t the best choice thanks to my low tolerance for alcohol:D

V Texasu samozřejmě musíte ochutnat BBQ. Restaurace Salt Lick BBQ je trochu z ruky, ale stojí za to. Jídlo bylo podáváno formou all you can eat a ta kvalita byla úžasná. Přeskočte lákavě vypadající chleba a jděte si přidat pečená žebra.

_k3a1438 _k3a1344img_5413

Los Angeles and Korean town. Again, all you can eat in restaurant Oo Kook Korean BBQ (3385 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005, United States – as there is no website to add). Super happy waitress takes you to your table with your own personal grill in the middle. You can pick from the menu up to 28 items per person (and believe me, it is more THAN ENOUGH), they will bring it raw and you do it. Next time I should really avoid places like this as the food was fabulous. Thanks a lot for the amazing service as well!

Mé asi nejoblíbenější místo v Los Angeles bylo korejské all you can eat. Já vím, zas. Ale Daniil je spíš na kvantitu, než kvalitu:D. Místo zvané Oo kook BBQ je třeba rezervovat, protože tam chtějí všichni. Z menu si vyberete,co chcete (hovězí jazyk, brisket, chobotnici či je libo kuřecí?) a pak si jídlo na vlastním grilu vlastně ugrilujete. Tenhle trend “udělej si sám” by se měl rozjet i v Londýně.


Must-have visit (not for me) was a chain Cheesecake factory. I admire them for the various cheesecakes. But that was it, the rest of the experience I had from second hand by Daniil and Rudy and they said it was ok. I was about to go for low-carb one but the waitress, neither baker, wasn’t able to tell me what is exactly inside. A bit sad:(

Takové malé must have je navštívení Cheescake factory, místa, které můžete znát z Teorie velkého třesku. Za mě jako odpůrce cukru palec dolu (i proto, že číšník nevěděl co je v low carb cheesecaku – nedala jsem si ho), za kluky to bylo oukej.


I hope you enjoyed today’s, a bit longer, post about food and have some inspiration!

Doufám, že jste si dnešní delší post užili a načerpali třeba i inspiraci!

September 23, 2016

Is this really happening in San Francisco?

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San FranciscoSan Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

It was such an irony – I was just sitting in the car, saying to myself how beautiful the painted buildings here are. And in that moment, in very few seconds, it just happened. Lots of our money, our time put into the work to save the money and buy all the things have been gone. To understand, our backpack with lots of camera equipment and laptops has been stolen. I am just thinking how desperate people have to be to do something like this. Has this ever happen to you, guys?

I don’t want you to be sorry for me or so but I would simply like to share even things like this with you..
Let’s just close it with saying that with all the things going on, it wasn’t happiest week for me.

Now I am back in London and finally have a chance to upload all the pictures, tell you about the trip and everything. Hopefully I did not forget everything. So sorry about the long time without new blog posts!
First things all, today is about San Fran. It was nice change from the heat, to cool down a bit and be able to walk around the city, not sweaty or tired from sun. Have you ever been to San Fran?

During the couple of days we spent here, we visited Golden Gate bridge (the most photographed bridge on the world), place where Marilyn Monroe has her wedding picture done, saw lots of seals on the pier (I never realised how massive they are!), visited China town and Russian hill, saw the crazy steep streets going up to the hill and Painted ladies as well.

PS: The small building on the island is Alcatraz prison. So cool!

Jaká ironie, že na místě, které se mi v San Franciscu líbilo úplně nejvíce, se stane právě tohle.
Seděla jsem v autě a říkala si, jaká nádherná architektura je tady kolem. Když právě v ten moment, v několika následujících sekundách se to stalo – ukradli nám batoh s laptopy a vybavením na foťák. Tak jsem přemýšlela, jak jsou někteří lidi zoufalí, že můžou udělat něco jako tohle. Stalo se Vám někdy něco podobného?

Nechci aby Vám mě bylo líto nebo tak, ale myslím, že bych se s Vámi měla podělit i o “zážitky” jako jsou právě tyhle.
Tak to prostě uzavřem s tím, že to pro mě nebyl zrovna ten nejveselejší týden…

Dnes jsem zpět v Londýně a konečně Vám tak mohu postupně ukázat všechny naše fotky a říct mé dojmy a vzpomínky.
Mám zapůjčený MacBook pro což je teda úžasný, ale moc moc mi chybí můj malej a pomalej MacBook air.
Byli jste někdy v San Franciscu? Bylo to super, na chvíli vypnout od toho sluníčka a užít si chození po městě bez pocení a kompletní dehydratace.

V průběhu těch několika dnů, které jsme tu strávili, jsme navštívili slavný Golden Gate bridge, místo, kde si Marilyn Monroe nechala dělat svatební fotografie, China town a také rezidenční oblast se slavnýmí Painted ladies. Také jsme si díky procházení nesčetněkrát zakusili ty strmé ulice San Francisca. Za prvé – nechápu, jak může být někdo schopen parkovat pod takovým úhlem a potom – tohle je prostě kardio jak něco!

Mimochodem – ta budova na tom malém ostrově je slavné vězení Alcatraz. Bylo to strašně cool vidět!


September 20, 2016