new year, new start, old(er) me new year, new start, old(er) me

Happy New Year guys!
We made it through first week of 2018, yay!
How did you spend your last day of the year? I couldn’t ask for better company – we were in Prague with Daniil and my best friends. Funny story – we got super drunk right before New Year’s Eve, so on that day we took it easy. We watched fireworks and had a champagne but it was really calm after the night before. But honestly, sometimes I feel like still going to the parties, still be dressing up and dance – it just that friends around are settling down or are too far away. From this reason (and many more) I miss my Lukas – my soulmate from Prague. With him, it always felt like “the party is over but we keep on going and having fun”. He is not here with us anymore but will never goes away from my heart.

Did you give yourself any new year’s resolutions? I… kind of did. I hate these sayings “starting by Monday / New Year / Next month but I feel like it was enough of messing around and now, as I have everything what I need, I should really do my best and make my dreams coming true. So this year, I will have for sure the best form I’ve ever had (or will be on may way towards it), will have fun with my blog and Instagram and mainly have fun when travelling with Daniil. I am also super happy that finally I do job what I love so will be working my ass off to progress and learn new things.

So that was quick update after the quiet months here!
In my pictures we were just after lunch at Smoke Stak – cool place to go for brisket or ribs. I loved the ribs and the beetroot with goat cheese and hazelnuts. The brisket was “so so”. I just put on my oversized jumper from Weekday and Levis trousers. Reason is simple – I just got fat and super stretchy trousers with massive hoodie cover it well :D .

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